How to fix and get logged into your router trouble reaching the router login page of IP? If you want to configure your Wi-Fi setup and trying to access your wireless router setup for the first time, you need to access to the router administrative console. There are many settings you can tweak in the administrative console such as changing the password, username and setting up your wi-fi setup for the first time. Router administrative console is also known as routers hidden page.

Your Wi-Fi connection sometimes doesn’t work even if you have done everything to make the Wi-Fi work but there are many little things which can make your Wi-Fi connection a nightmare.

Here are some common reasons why your Wi-Fi is not working

1. Your IP Address might be incorrect, and you can correct your IP address from the administrative console page. You can also contact your Wi-Fi router provider to fix this issue for you.

2. Make sure to check all the wires twice because a bad Ethernet cable can affect your Wi-Fi connection.

3. Check your Router also and see if the lights are ON.

How to fix
The easiest way to fix this issue can be done by checking the wire because sometimes all you have to do is check whether your router is hardwired or not. Check both the ends of the Ethernet cable, the ports on the router and the port on your computer.

After checking all the ports and cable, it is best to perform a power cycle. If you don’t know what power cycle is, then I will tell you what it is. A power cycle is referred to removing the power plug from your Router in which your main computer is connected, wait for a few seconds and plug the power plug back in.

The lights will turn “ON” the router if it doesn’t happen then you might be having an electrical outlet problem. The indicator of a router connected to your main computer should also light up.

Incorrectly entering the router’s IP address

Entering your IP Address is not enough to connect your Wi-Fi properly. You may also enter your IP Address on a wrong page. Entering your IP address incorrectly or not entering where you suppose to enter is one of the most common mistakes people do. The most common number use for IP Address is so make sure you have the correct number, and if it doesn’t work, you can also try There are other numbers which can be the consequences.

The way you entered your IP Address can also be incorrect

These are some examples which you should avoid using:-



Just type, and you are good to go. Also, keep in mind that this number and any other IP address is not entered on a search bar where you type “Youtube” or “Facebook.” The correct place to enter the IP address is in the address bar on top of your browser where it shows the complete URL.

Issues regarding the IP address of the computer

Your router and the computer in which your router is connected, they both should have the same subnet to interact and connect properly with each other. As we all know most of the routers, computers, printers and mobile devices have an IP address and is the most common number for IP address. So the device connected to the router should have the same subnet where the IP address number should be 192.168.1_. As per the standard of the IP address, the last digit can be 0 – 255.

If the computer which is connected to the router numbered with is having the different set of number as the IP address, then the connection between the two hardware is not possible.

How to run IPCONFIG command to view the computer IP Address

1. Open your computer and make sure it has an internet connection.

2. Click on start button and type “Run.”

3. Now press enter and a small window will come.

4. Type CMD on the search bar.

5. Press Enter and type IPCONFIG.

6. Again press Enter.

Full information about your computer and the connection will show up.

The IP address of your computer will show up also. If your IP address of the computer doesn’t start with 192.168, then your IP address might be a static.

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